The worst enemy of a landscaper has to be the evil weed that comes to destroy all the hard work that has been put into your gardening. While there are many ways to keep weeds out, you’d have to be very lucky if you never had to deal with weeding any weeds. Even if you try herbicides and other solutions, the time will come when you have to pull out a weed from your garden with your hands.

To weed effectively by hand you must grab hold of the weed as low down as you can, yes you will need to get on your hands and knees, but do you want a good looking garden or not? You want to be close down to your plants so you can be sure to attack only the weeds and not destroy any roots of the neighbouring plants you want to keep. While weeding out the culprits look at the condition of your other plants, weeding can also be a good time to check them out and look for any defects that can be remedied if spotted early.

Pull out all of the weeds that you can, even the small ones, they will come out a lot easier when they are small before their roots have had a chance to get deeper into the ground. Get them out early as they will be taking in the moisture and nutrients that your good plants would normally use, even when they are tiny, they are still causing damage. Leaving any roots in the ground is effectively still leaving the problem in the ground, do not just cut them at the base, get them completely out. It can be a wise idea to water the ground before you are about to tackle the weeding as it will make the soil soft and easier to move.

Try to weed once or twice a week and work it into your regular routine. You can use the old weeds as compost as they do not decompose into more weeds, they will break down to create organic material for your compost heap.

You can use mulch to keep weed from growing, mulch will retain moisture in the soil. There are a few different types or formats that you can get mulch in, one is a plastic version that will aim at stopping all weeds from growing, the downside is that this does not return the nutrients back in to the soil for your other plants that need it. If possible use organic mulch, as it is completely environmentally friendly and can be created from a compost pile. If you get good at utilizing all you can do with your compost heap you will save a lot of money in the long run.

One of the fastest ways to remove weeds it by using herbicides and spray weed killers. These can usually do the job quickly and pretty effectively, be careful when using the sprays as they can be hazardous to your health if not used properly, also be careful of your other plants and read the label properly, some weed killers should not be used if you are growing certain types of plants.