small yard?

If you only have a small yard or landscaping area to work with there are still many exciting visuals you can create within your surroundings. You should chose plants that are not overpowering so they do not limit the usable space that you do have. While you may miss out on huge water fountains, mazes and large ponds, you can still enjoy an attractive landscape that pleases the eye.

You can shift thinking when looking at what you can plant in a small garden, how about building upwards instead of outwards. Read our page about container gardening, as there are many tips for creating small landscapes using containers that can save space.

How about a small rock garden as the focal point? These can be marvellous features of a garden, especially if other large plants do not out perform them. You can create a small rock garden in a small nook in your garden, in the corner or up against a wall, if you chose the rocks carefully so they complement each other and pick plants that will not look overgrown, you can come up with a stunning feature to look at.

When working in a small space, the colour choice is very important. Some colours can make your garden look bigger than it really is, the use of light colours like blues and whites can achieve this effect. A plant like a silver king or an evergreen can create the overall look of expanding the garden. Search for trees that are small once fully grown as this can also give the effect of a larger space.

By planning carefully you can turn any space into a wonderful landscape no matter how big or small, chose colours wisely and once again, plan well.