organic landscaping

Becoming more and more popular by the day are the benefits that can be felt from organic landscaping. This is wonderful as people are naturally turning to organic methods as they can save money and are not hazardous to your health like some chemical landscaping products and services. It is no fun to have a garden that looks beautiful yet you cannot let your kids play in it as it has dangerous fertilizer all over the plants and grass.

As we have mentioned in other articles here, for the best results get plants that are native to your area. If you get plants that need to have special conditions created for them you will not be able to keep them alive without the use of some chemical or another, this will also buff up the costs and should always be considered if you are going to go this route, a $9.99 fertilizer payment every month soon adds up.

Usually the main attraction of any landscape is the grass or lawn areas. There are many natural ways to keep your green looking good without the use for harmful chemicals, just general lawn care and soil care is usually enough to keep a good looking lawn. You can buy organic fertilizer that is made out of only organic materials; this is not hazardous to your health at all. The organic fertilizers will cost more up front but you will make the costs back throughout the year by reducing other costs.

A top tip that is cheap to implement is a landscaping technique known as aeration. This is basically punching holes into the soil thus making it softer and movable so the roots have more room to move and grow deeper. This also allows earthworms, our friendly gardening friends, to move about easier in the soil, this can result in a healthy lawn that can resist a lot of weeds by itself.

Other methods of organic landscaping are to over seed the lawn, this achieved by using 50% more seeds than the normal amount instructed to use. This can create a thicker lawn with tougher grass that can combat a lot of weeds all by itself without the need for fertilizer.

Leaving the mowed lawns grass on the lawn to decompose is also a natural way to feed nutrients into the lawn again helping it grow and be strong and eliminating the need for extra fertilizer. With practice you will discover your own methods to reduce costs by utilizing the resources you have around your garden.