landscaping tools

OK so you don’t want to use a landscaping service and you want to tackle the garden on your own, or with whomever else you can rope into the project. You are going to need some tools for the job; here we will go over a few of the commonly used tools for landscaping.

The basic tools for gardening and landscaping are rakes, trowels, shovels and hand cultivators; every home with a garden (that has not overgrown into a forest) should have these tools in the shed or nearby. Using just those tools you are able to keep your landscape in good condition. You can use the shovels to turn over the soil and dig holes needed to plant trees and plants. Use the rake to smooth out the planting beds and for preparing the soil. Use the trowels and hand cultivators when you plant the smaller plants and flowers and areas that require some attention to detail.

Another couple of tools you will need for landscaping are pruners and shears, used to cut small branches off to tidy up trees and bushes and generally allow you to keep things neat. You don’t need a petrol powered hedge trimmer to clean up most hedges unless you are David Beckham and have acres of land to maintain, for most of us some hedge shears will do the job to keep bushes from intruding on areas we do not want it to.

Most common of the tools is a lawnmower to mow the grass and keep it at the desired length. A bog standard lawnmower is good for keeping the bulk of the lawn neat but the edges can be hard to maintain with a large bulky lawnmower. For the tighter areas like the edges and even underneath bushes you can use a weed wacker that is designed for you to be able to get to tight areas.

Depending on the size of your garden it is handy to have a wheelbarrow to move debris across and out of your garden. You can use them to move heavy plants to the other end of the garden and is much easier than carrying them especially if you are an avid do-it-yourself fan.