growing herbs & vegetables

Usually when you think of landscaping you will conger up images of carefully placed rocks and large trees scattered about an immaculate lawn. Remember that your yard space can have many practical uses as well as looking good, how about a vegetable garden or even a herb garden. These gardens can also look great with vibrant colours, they smell wonderful and you can save money on your grocery shopping.

One of the most common edible landscapes is a herb garden, you can create one in your backyard without much effort. There are many varieties of herbs that grow quickly so you can see he fruits of your labour not long after you finish. Many herbs look great and will fit in among other areas of your landscape, learn what the herbs look like fully grown and imagine them around your yard, some superb different leaf shapes and colours can be used to create pleasing effects.

The most common plants used in a herb garden are rosemary, thyme and parsley, that is not to say they are the only herbs to grow, this is where you use your imagination. How about growing some mint or lavender, both exude marvellous odours. Chamomile is another nice herb to plant that gives off a nice scent, take advantage of the Internet and search for recipes that contain the herbs you have in your herb garden. Chamomile and lavender gives off a lovely aroma that can bring a calming atmosphere around your entire yard and even into the house.

The other main edible garden is a vegetable garden, its up to you how you plan for them to be in your yard, you don’t need to put everything in one place, you can balance different plants around the yard. One of the main reasons for choosing a vegetable garden is the cost that can be saved if you grow a portion of the food you eat on a daily basis. There are many varieties of vegetable that you can grow with relative ease in your back yard, such as, lettuce, cabbage, bulbs, onions, potatoes, peas, corn, pumpkins, radish, turnips, cucumber, carrots and almost all the veg that you would buy from the grocery stores.

Plan carefully and don’t go overboard when planting vegetables, some can take up a lot of room so always know how big they will be once fully grown, just like you would any other plant.