container gardening

A great way to save money when creating a landscape is to make use of what is known as container gardening. If you haven’t figured it out already, container gardening is making use of various containers to house the plants you want to grow. This can not only save money but also labour. You can use a container to grow pretty much any of the common plants we grow on our gardens, not just plants but also flowers, vegetables and herbs. There are fewer weed attacks in container gardening because the plants are held in their own containers, soil does not need preparing which saves a lot of money in the beginning stages.

You may be thinking ‘well that’s fine and dandy but how much am I expected to pay for all these containers?’. We would answer ‘well you are not thinking like a true hippy’, think of all the items around your home already that you can utilize and turn into a container to house a plant or flower. Washtubs, small boxes, large boxes, old plastic toy boxes, a set of draws with the draws removed and turned on its back. Even a milk carton can be turned into a container using a pair of scissors, think eco. You can get the kids involved to decorate the tubs if they are not pleasant to look at, a quick dab of paint can transform the look completely.

If you have money to spend go to the local garden centre and look for what takes your fancy, there are thousands of different varieties and designs of containers you can use. There are beautiful urns to hold plants and huge clay pots, go have a look and see what you think would look good in your landscape area. A good idea to improve the look of any area are hanging baskets, these can be hung from trees, outside on your porch or pretty much anywhere you want to add a dazzle of colour.

Fill the containers with a garden soil or potting soil obtained from your garden store. These soils come rich in nutrients and will provide your plants with the food they need. You can add organic compost to the container too for an extra boost in nutrition. You do not need to water container plants as much as you would water them if they were in the ground as the containers retain most of the moisture.

If you only have a small space to work with, container gardening is a great way to still be able to enjoy and display the plants you love as you can use small containers and place them where you want. It is a great way to save money and get creative at the same time.